Bee Leaf Story

The Bee Leaf Story: Always At Your Side

Bee Leaf Concepts owner and founder Devika Chinapen resided on different continents and exudes a global aesthetic which she brings to the sleek and contemporary design of Bee Leaf bags. She also brings to Bee Leaf Concepts a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of raising a family while balancing the demands of work, life and self. Devika appreciates that today’s busy lifestyle requires some help to simplify your life and move through each day with style and grace. Bee Leaf bags embrace her philosophy of individuality, organization, and confidence to help inspire your busy days with designs for better living.

Simply Beautiful

With Bee Leaf in your life, you will experience the value and style that benefits the environment while directly combating human trafficking through our donation of a portion of each Bee Leaf bag purchase. You’ll have more time to live your life as everyday tasks become easier with the versatile and affordable Bee Leaf collection as the carry-all choice that helps the socially- conscious 21st century individual move throughout their busy day. You will also appreciate how you can add fashionable new bags to your personal Bee Leaf system to make your life easier and more organized.

Bee Leaf captures the essence of your passion for fashion and sustainability. Our nation’s shoppers use 100 billion plastic bags a year, according to the World Watch Institute. Plastic bag litter ravages our landscape, clogs landfills and threatens wildlife. Reusable Bee Leaf totes are safe, BPA- and lead-free.

Our Bee Leafs are Your Beliefs

Bee Leaf in Bags is inspired by a circle of principles that are emblems of our corporate values: Believe, Encourage, Empower, Learn, Environment, Attitude, and Friendship. These beliefs embody the Bee Leaf brand as a celebration of the human spirit and communal social purpose. Your Bee Leaf bags embrace and advance these values in a world and an environment we all share and, together, work to sustain for our children and the future.


My wife and I have been using the Insulated Tote bag for our son's diaper bag. His diapers and formula stay cool in the hot Florida weather!

Anthony D.
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I’ve used my bottle bag to carry spirits to restaurants and parties, but also at the pool for my drink, sun screen, a book and snacks. It works perfectly!”

Emily R.
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Bee Leaf bags are versatile, colorful, and have so many sizes and uses. Best of all, using these bags help me make our world a better place environmentally and socially! They will always be in my life.

Ann H.
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